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:rose: Welcome to my stock account! :rose:


Feel free to use anything on deviantart, but be sure to follow my simple rules ;)
Short version:
  • Credit me

  • Note me  

  • Can be used in Devart Prints

  • May be used outside of Deviantart only with permission

  • Please be respectful!

  • Be creative and have fun :)

Extended Rules:
:bulletpurple: 1) Don't forget to credit me (preferably this way : iconelisafox-stock : [without the spaces between ::] but others are fine too) That is the return that i would want for posting these resources. If you are extra nice you can also add a link to my stock photo which you have used, but please not as the only credit since i delete stocks sometimes and then the link is broken.

:bulletpurple:  2) Please note me with a link when you are done. Or post it in a comment on the stock photo.  i'd love to see what you have made out of it!

:bulletpurple: 3) DevArt Prints:
UPDATE: All of the resources which are NOT photos of myself from the woman gallery (that means: textures, wings, nature photos, etc. - basically everything EXCEPT images containing human figures and faces) can be used in devart Prints without restrictions. </i> No need to ask first. Please just note me afterwards. :)
Rules for HUMAN stock photos:
They can be used in prints too, but you have to note me first and i will send an email to the prints permission team. Until now i have given permission to every single request. i won't bite, but just make sure that you have asked first.

:bulletpurple: 4) The stock photos and resources are meant to be used on deviantart. if you want to use them for another website just ask for permission first. Anything that does not contain a human face can usually be used without restrictions on other websites.

:bulletpurple:  5) Please be respectful. If you want to use my stock photos to create something which you think might offend someone, it is better to ask for permission first. The images are not to be used in pornographic or racist images (anything that would be banned)! My human photos may not be used for images that illustrate nudity. Everything else is fine. There are almost no restrictions for non-human photos.
:blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose:

~*~*~*~ Features: ~*~*~*~

Here are some amazing art pieces, which were created using my stock photos:

Lady of Darkness by cosmosue the little Mermaid by azurylipfe Touching the Sky by Nawheera Autumn Light by cosmosue shield me from my universe by shr1mp :thumb4827936: Blue night by Doscaras :thumb34144758:  :thumb29117929: :thumb30105874: Broken Wings by KerriAnnCrau Water Sprite by Burmston Flood by azurylipfe fly and feel by greenfeed :thumb35532389: :thumb39238190: :thumb36965716: The Waters End by ll-Tek-ll Sorrow's Concubine by wolfmorphine playing with spiders by weeja Meditation by mmebuterfly :thumb47124316:

:floating: ART ACCOUNT: :iconelisafox: :floating:

Tammyww Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hi, I would like to request permission to use your backgrounds for editing on
My IG act. I would of course credit you accordingly . Also may put on my Facebook page.
If you would like to look at my work first -my IG act. is @tww716_ud .
Thank You
odaeuszero Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013
May I use your angel wings for a personal project? I will be posting it on Deviantart and my personal site as well.
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